Naturefamilies seeks to make nature more easy and accessible for families with children to experience nature through a large national community. There is a Naturefamily group in every municipality across Denmark!

In collaboration with Nordea-fonden and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen the Danish society for Nature Conservation wants to make nature, and experience nature with all its benefits, more accessible for families with children. It needs to be attractive, easy and social. By using locally established Facebook-groups as well as a central webpage, we aim to create local networks where families invite each other and arrange social activities in the woods, park or anywhere in their local nature.

Naturefamilies is a social platform for families with children who are curious about nature, who wishes to learn more about all the positive benefits of being in nature, both for children and adult, by inviting and inspiring each other through socializing with other families in green areas. Naturefamilies is free, and all are welcome. No prior experience regarding nature and its usage are needed to join.

When you sign up to Naturefamilies you will be asked to inform your municipality. This is so you, and your family can be connected to the right Facebook-group, where you can exchange ideas, inspire each other as well as invite other people and families to your favorite nature-spot in your local area, or you are curious about where to go for your next trip. You can arrange trips through the plan-a-trip tool on our webpage.

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The history of Naturefamilies

Naturefamilies is inspired by the American concept ‘Hike it Baby’ which was established in Portland USA by Shanti Hodges in 2013. At the time Hodges had just become a mom, and felt a great desire to experience nature with her child.

This was the beginning of a great success: ‘Hike it Baby’ is now a platform with well over 200.000 families spread across North America. Here the members are sharing and planning trips, though social media, reaching over 1.500 trips to the nature every month. The families are distributed across 300 groups. In Denmark we have a total of 108.